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This project helps people with learning disabilities, autism, people with mental health issues and older people think about how to keep safe when at home, at work and in the community.

If you are doing this course with a group of people, it works out well over a four week period for people to learn at their own pace.

The training course and resources help people to:

• Think about their own safety issues and risks when out and about at home and at work
• Work through the booklet in a group setting or with someone they trust looking at different scenarios
• Think about and fill out their own personal work plan
• It might also be an idea to write a pledge to make safety your own responsibility
• Recap and look at how a person reports a crime should they become a victim

Training resources:

We have developed a workbook.
Click here to download the Let’s Keep Safe Workbook.

We have also developed a simple “Let’s Keep Safe” plan for people to fill out and keep with them to remind them about the things they can do to keep safe.
Click here to download the Personal Safety Plan.

We are very happy for you to download these resources and use them either for yourself or in group training situations. We also have the workbooks in hard copy if you prefer us to send you some. If you would like this, please email annie@speakup.org.uk.

Workbook cover copy

If you are doing this course with a group of people, it works out well over a four week period.

Group holding workbooks

Thanks to the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Fund for enabling this project to happen.

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