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You've been Sharked!
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A loan shark is someone who tries to lend you money at very high rates of interest and they might threaten you.


If you get a loan from a bank or a loan shark, you will have to pay more money back than you borrowed.


This extra money is called ‘interest’.

But the interest you get charged from a loan shark is a LOT more than at the bank or post office.


Download the training here (PDF)

Download the training here (Powerpoint)



This training is about loan sharks and tells people what a loan shark is and explains the dangers of borrowing money from them; as well as exploring different ways to safely take out a loan and who to ask for a loan.


The training also offers advice to people who have come into contact with loan sharks and feel that they and their family are at risk of harm. It also tells you who to contact if you have been a victim to a loan shark and suggests the best way to handle the situation.

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