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How we are funded


Speakup is a fantastic place to work, meet, chat, volunteer, learn, experience and just ‘be’. We have made it our goal to be an inviting place which gives people the freedom to express themselves in any way they feel and also get involved in some fantastic work which really will change peoples lives.

Our work takes us all over the country and we have many national projects which reach lots of people all over the country as well as having an advocacy base in Rotherham. Rotherham is one of the most deprived areas of the country and our two offices are based in and around the town. Our links with Rotherham go back to our beginnings in 1988 when a small group of people decided they wanted to set up an advocacy group. From there, the Charity has grown and is now reaching more and more people around the country in many different ways.

Our funding comes from lots of different places and some of it pays for us to provide services to people locally in Rotherham and some is project based around the country.

We also work closely with our local health Clinical Commissioning Group and are paid to do work for them to help people with learning disabilities and/or autism with their health.


As well as this local work, we have a number of organisations which fund Speakup to deliver very important National work. Some of this work is to produce accessible information (which can be found in out ‘Helpful Resources’ section) and some is to provide advocacy support or training to help people with learning disabilities and/or autism live more inclusive and valued lives. We also provide training to staff and organisations who need help in delivering their services in a more inclusive way.

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