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“Prioritise Me” is an exciting training project that will help people with lived experience to understand the energy market

Prioritise Me

“Prioritise Me” is an exciting training resource that will help people with lived experience, together with Inclusion Workers from Speakup and collaborative partners, to support people with learning disabilities and autistic people to understand the energy market.


This innovative accessible training supports people to live as independently as possible, with increased knowledge of how to stay warm and out of fuel poverty. Fuel poverty means when people cannot afford to heat their home or have hot water to use. It also tells people how to get onto the Priority Services Register and to give an understanding of how to speak to energy providers and understand their bills.

On this page, you can also watch films about how to save energy and understand a little about energy tariffs. There are easy read presentations about tariffs, energy meters and about switching energy companies on this page too.


We hope you find the resources easy to follow; do let us know through our contact page what you think.

The ‘Prioritise Me’ team at Speakup have developed training presentations and other resources to help everyone understand the energy market.

Here is a list of resources which can help you:

Easyread Guide to Tariffs

Easyread Guide to Switching Suppliers

Easyread Guide to Smart Meters

Easyread Guide to keeping your house warm

Energy Quiz


Are you on the Priority Services Register with your energy company?  If you aren’t, find out how to do this and ask someone you trust to support you if you need this.

About The Priority Services Register - Easyread

Presentation about how to get on the Priority Services Register - Easyread

We have also produced a film about this:

We have also produced a film about Tarrifs and Switching:

And reading your Meter:




Because you are staying at home, your energy bills might be higher.

Your energy supplier should be able to support you if you run into difficulty.

If you have any problems, where energy suppliers are saying they will not help, please let us know. Energy companies should help you whenever they can if you have problems paying energy bills.

When lock down ends Prioritise Me trainers we will  be out and about again in Yorkshire and Humber  and will be  happy to arrange training sessions to suit your requirement.


Contact us if you would like us to run a session for your organisation. Stay safe.

Other resources

Speakup has resources from previous energy projects that are useful when understanding energy and when thinking about saving energy.

Other resources

We have developed easy read materials to help people with learning disabilities understand energy efficiencies and stay out of the energy poverty trap. 


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