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No Smoke without Fire

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A Donation is welcome and helps us to keep going and producing more resources.
£2 for individual use, £10 for small groups, £50 for large organisations.
If you are using this for training then a donation of £50 - £100 would be appreciated.

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Fire Safety is very important. People with learning disabilities and autistic people need accessible information and training to help them understand how to be safe and what to do if there is a fire. Thanks to funding from the South Yorkshire Fire Stronger Safer Communities Reserve, we have delivered a groundbreaking project to produce accessible resources and train Fire Champions who are out in the community teaching other people about fire safety.

Watch the film we have produced about fire safety below.


You can also order a DVD copy by emailing

Other online fire safety resources
Fire Safety information for people with learning disabilities is very important. Lots of people are living independently now and need to keep safe in their homes.
A lot of people with learning disabilities have either no reading skills or struggle with written information. These resources will help people with learning disabilities and autistic people by producing information and training which is accessible to them, and ultimately protects them against the hazards of fire.

There is a new workbook which can help people in one-to-one sessions or in group work.

We also produced a version of the workbook more suitable for older people.

We also found some other resources made in other areas of the country. Overloaded power sockets are one of the biggest causes of house fires. This online tool can help you work out when you might be trying to plug too many things into one socket.


Try it out yourself here.

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