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Prioritise My Water!

Getting help with your water supply and your water bills

Prioritise My Water

It's a really good idea to be on the Priority Services Register with your water company, Speakup is working with Yorkshire Water to try and tell lots of people about the benefits of being on the Priority Services Register for water.


It's easy to register!



You can either go online by yourself or with someone you trust and register that way on the Yorkshire Water website here


Or you can ring this number that you will find on the Yorkshire water website and ask to be put onto the register.

All you will need is your water bill. It looks like this. There is a number on this which is your account number.

It's a good idea to check with your water supplier and sign up to be on the Priority Services Register. If you live in Yorkshire, sign up today at or call 0800 138 78 78. For the rest of the UK, get in touch with your local water supplier.

Here is a short video which tells you all about the benefits of signing up.

Making you our priority

Making you our priority

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We have made an Easyread Presentation which tells you all about Water Meters. Download it here.

Priority Services Registers are a good idea so find out more about them here and

get registered for water today.


Also, if you haven't already done so remember to register for your gas and electric too to give you

extra peace of mind.


There will be lots of resources on this page that tell you and show you how to register.


Come back soon to see more!

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