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Person Centred Planning

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Person Centred Planning

Speakup were and continue to be pioneers of person centred planning. We think it’s great; it puts the person at the centre of services and provides best practice. People gain a voice, they are valued, able to do things they never dreamed of and, most of all, they’re lives can be

amazingly improved.


If you want to know more about:


  • Person centred planning tools

  • Resources

  • One page profiles

  • Communication grab sheets.

  • Decision making agreements

  • Trusted circles

You might also like to look at some of our other resources about 'Friendship Circles'.

We have also produced a film about Person Centred Planning which show what life planning is all about, how daily treats can help you get from one day to the next and how making a Person Centred Plan can relaly change your life.

FILM 1 : It's my life

FILM 2 : It's still my life

FILM 3 : It's still your life (MAP)

FILM 3 : It's still your life (Health Action Planning)
















FILM 3 : It's still your life (Essential Lifestyle Planning)


Every organisation working in social care should have trainers within their organisation who can deliver Person Centred Planning Training. These trainers can support staff in house to ensure their practice is inclusive and their values and beliefs are founded on supporting people to live their life to the full.


About our courses:


Our courses are delivered by Anne Ferguson (Cert Ed – Disability Studies), Sally Wormley (PgCert, PgDip Inclusion, BSC Masters), Alison Owen and Victoria Farnsworth (Expert Trainers and Self Advocates). The course will give members of your organisation the skills to deliver in house training

to all members of staff.


At the end of the training delegates will receive a full training pack containing course materials, presentations and exercises.


Day 1: Person Centred Planning – looking at the history and roots of Person Centred Planning, and the different tools people can use to plan.

Day 2 and 3: Over to you. Developing tailored resources to meet the needs of your organisation and developing individuals training skills.

Day 4: Observation of your colleagues facilitating the course within their working environment (optional but recommended).

Course Aims - By the end of the course delegates will have:

• An in depth understanding of Person Centred Planning
• The skills and resources to deliver Person Centred Planning Training within your organisation
• Understand the different tools which can be used when planning with individuals


Where is the training delivered:


We deliver the training at your offices or sessions can be delivered at delivered at our Head Office:


Galax Business Centre
Eastwood Trading Estate
Fitzwilliam Road
S65 1SL

Or if your organisation would like training in person centred planning, do

get in touch through our “Hello” page.

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