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Carbon Monoxide


I Can't Smell It? So It Must Be Safe!

We have produced a film to help people understand the dangers of carbon monoxide called

"I Cant Smell It, So It Must Be safe!". We have a vibrant group of self advocates who are fuel efficiency champions. They have developed a range of resources and training to help people think about how to save energy.


You also want to follow the links to ‘Prioritise Me’ which delivers training about how to understand energy providers and such things such as your energy bill and to remind everyone that if they have a long term condition they can register with their energy provider.

Our resources

We have produced 2 training resources to help people with learning disabilities and autistic people underatand what Carbon Monoxide is.

There is a Training presentation here to download.

We have also produced a short quiz so people can test themselves on what they know about Carbon Monoxide. You can download this here.

We have produced some illustrations for you to use if you are teaching people how to understand the the dangers of carbon monoxide. You can download these here.

Feeling Dizzy

Stomach Pain

Tiredness and Confusion

Chest Pain

Shortness of Breath


We have produced a film as well, which tells you about Carbon Monoxide and the dangers of this gas.

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