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Healthy Surfers

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A Donation is welcome and helps us to keep going and producing more resources.
£2 for individual use, £10 for small groups, £50 for large organisations.
If you are using this for training then a donation of £50 - £100 would be appreciated.

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Healthy Surfers

Healthy Surfers is a useful resource to help you surf the internet safely for things about your health and help you live a healthy life. The DVD and training resources talk about viruses, pop-ups and what to think about to make sure you use the internet safely when looking up things or sending emails. Jodie at Speakup together with lots of other partners like Inclusion North, Wiltshire and Greenwich People First are delivering Healthy Surfers across the regions to support people to surf the internet safely for things about their health and learn all about various health conditions. This project is helping lots of people are becoming Healthy Surfers and feel more confident at using sites that promote healthy living. Watch the DVD, it explains how you can do this for yourself, with your organisation or your family.

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It is a brilliant resource to use when thinking about looking up health information on the internet, to remind people to talk through and get support if they need it when learning how to use the internet.


We have featured some of the main sites and search engines, but there are lots choose from, so ask for support when you first begin and enjoy healthy surfing.

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To help you to become a Healthy Surfer, we have made some useful resources. You can use these resources to work in groups in your area and help each other to become Healthy Surfers. Click on each resource below to download them.

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