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We have been working with Learning Disability England to make some letters people can send to their local MP or ministers in the Government about the new Coronavirus Vaccinations.


The UK government have said that at risk groups will be vaccinated before Christmas, and most over-50s before the spring. At the moment these at risk groups are; elderly people and health and social care workers.


Lots of people, think that people with learning disabilities should be some of the first people to get the vaccine. Different people and groups have been campaigning and writing to the government to say this.

Speakup and Learning Disability England’s co-chairs are sending a letter to politicians to argue why we think people with learning disabilities should be high on the list for getting the vaccine because we know people were more at risk of bad effects of the virus earlirer this year. Find out more here.


We have also made letters that you can send to your MP too:

Letter 1: This is the one to your MP

(You will need to fill in your address and the address of your MP at the top)

Letter 2: This is a letter to Matt Hancock MP

Letter 3: This is a letter to Jonathan Ashworth MP

Letter 4: This is a letter to Marie Rimmer MP

Letter 5: This is a letter to Justin Tomlinson


Click here to find the name and contact details of your MP.

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