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At Speakup we have been supporting, employing and training people with learning disabilities and autistic people to use their skills and abilities to help others and

make a difference for over 30 years.

Having a job is much more than being paid a wage.  Watch the video to see why.


Spreading the News Spring Update and Heart Special Edition

This month we have 2 brand new Spreading the News updates for you. The 'Heart Special Edition' is about how you know if you are having a heart attack and what to do.

Spring Update. Heart Special Edition.

Walking Bubbles

Keeping fit and active is good for your body and good for your mind. Walking together with other people is a good idea to keep safe and enjoy walking together.

We have made a film about our 'Walking Bubbles'. FInd out more here.

My home, my energy - I have the power!


The cost of heating your home and other things will be going up in the next few years. So you might need to start thinking about what you can do to manage your gas, electricity and water bills.

Click here to go to the page of resources!

Spreading the News - January Update!

Click here to download out latest Spreading the News newsletter!

Peaceful Minds Update

We've added more helpful treats to our Peaceful Minds project page - click here to find out more

Coronavirus Updates and Support

We have put all the information we and other people have made about Coronavirus which can help you understand what is happening onto one page. It also has lots of the old information on it we made in the past about Coronavirus. See www.speakup.org.uk/coronavirus

Coronavirus Vaccinations

We have made a one page profile about the Coronavirus Vaccinations. It will take a while before everyone gets their vaccination, so everyone still needs to keep safe! Read more here

Hospital Passports' and 'Grab and Go'

We think it is really important that people with learning disabilities and autistic people have a Hospital Passport as well as a Grab and Go Sheet, just in case they get ill and need to go into hospital.

The hospital passport is designed to give hospital staff helpful information about communication needs, likes, dislikes as well as the persons basic health needs.

Download a Hospital Passport here

Together with the Grab and Go sheet it will help people look after you better when you are in Hospital.

Download the Grab and Go sheet here

Download them today, fill them in and keep them somewhere safe and where other people know where it is. If you have to go into hospital make sure they both go with you or ask someone to bring them in as soon as possible. Tell hospital staff to look at them.

Kicking Out the Lockdown Blues

Our lockdown guides might help while you are at home even if there isn't a lockdown, they might help you if you are isolating too. They might be really useful as we come out of lockdown as well! Kick Out the Lockdown Blues.

Guide 1 Guide 2

Being at home all day and not having much to do can make us all feel unhappy. Our team have been thinking about some of the things you can do at home. These are fun easy things which you can do using the things you might have around the house. Try them out yourself:

Weekly Treats 1

Weekly Treats 2

Weekly Treats 3

Weekly Treats 4

You can choose one thing to do each day if you like, mix them up and maybe come up with new ideas of your own too!



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