You just plug it in, don't you?

You just plug it in, don't you?

This project been co-produced by members of Speakup during the Coronavirus pandemic. Together they also produced a quiz workbook to help people understand electrical safety.

You can download this here.


12 people with learning disabilities and autism or both worked with our media engineer and wrote a story book to develop a story line for the film through Zoom. We have worked together to give people a clear idea of electrical safety and how to keep safe at home and when out and about.

Watch this film to remember the big things about electrical safety and tell others about this film so that people stay as safe as possible when using electrical equipment.  

Use this film for teaching independence too. Everyone at Speakup hopes you can learn the basics of electrical safety from watching ‘YOU JUST PLUG IT IN, DON’T YOU?’ A few times or whenever there is a need too.

We thank the Electrical Fire Safety fund for funding this work.   


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