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Type 2 Diabetes
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Type 2 Diabetes

People with learning disabilities are 5 times more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes

There are lots of reasons why people develop type 2 diabetes, like poor diet, lack of exercise and poor health. This film shows lots of people talking about Type 2 Diabetes, eating healthily and getting more exercise. The film also gives people some good ideas to help them to do these things everyday and on a budget.


At Speakup we are working to improve the health of people with learning disabilities and autistic people in lots of different ways. We have made an accessible film about Type 2 Diabetes with DiabetesUK. The film helps people with learning disabilities to underdstand what Type 2 Diabetes is, what causes it, how to get healthier so you might not become diabetic and how people can manage it. It has been made by people with a learning disabilities working in partnership with DiabetesUK.

We have made 5 short films which might help you if you have Diabetes or are at risk of having it:

Film 1: Introduction to Diabetes

Film 2: Eat Right























Film 3: Get Active















Film 4: Living with Diabetes


Film 5: Getting help


























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