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Peaceful Minds is a lottery funded and a co-produced project between Speakup Self-Advocacy and Rotherham Advocacy Partnerships. We are working together to support people with Learning Disabilities and autistic people who also have Mental Health conditions and anxieties. The project offers crisis intervention and support. The peer supporters, and inclusion workers support a person to look at coping strategies, self-soothing ideas and solutions to give the individual affected a better quality of life. The team also works with people to make sure that they are receiving the correct Benefits which they need to live a good life and stay out of crisis.

“Being part of the Peaceful Minds project has helped me socialise and help me sort out by budgeting, especially my PIP Payments, as an advocate came along to a tribunal with me in support due to losing my benefits. Thankfully, with their help, I got most of my Benefits back”


“I’m also part of the Peaceful Minds team, helping others to cope with their anxieties, I am there for people because I know what it’s like to have Autism and the challenges it brings to daily life”


Jodie, Speakup.

The Peaceful Minds team works in a holistic, person-centred way, looking at the person as a whole and working with them to inspire people to fulfil their hopes and dreams for the future. The team also ‘signposts’ individuals - and maintains good working links – with other services, which may support their lives. This ensures that there is a support circle around a person should a crisis occur or reoccur.


The Peaceful Minds team is establishing a family carers’ group to give feedback about the project and pick up issues around family dynamics to enable these to be supported.


Presently, the service is being delivered at Galax Business Centre, Speakup Broad Street, Rotherham Advocacy Partnerships (RAP), and at the Unity Centre with an advocate from RAP. If you know of someone who would benefit from this service, do get in touch.