Make a regular contribution to Speakup and help us to make a lasting

difference for people with learning disabilities and autistic people

Become a Friend

A Speakup friend donates a minimum of £10 a month to support our organisation.


This regular donation will support people with learning disabilities and autistic people to be employed on many of our projects and learn work skills in areas such as office skills, media, IT, personal assistant skills, care taking skills and peer advocacy support. We are passionate about employment and need help every day to support this. We are very concerned that only just over 6% of people with learning disabilities are in employment.


At Speakup, 50% of our paid workers have learning disabilities or are autistic.

A Speakup sponsor donates a minimum of £20 a month or whatever they wish to donate, to support all areas of our organisation.


We support people to speak up and teach skills so that people can live independent, full and

valued lives; lives which are free from discrimination, fear and hardship. We value friendship and support people to form circles of support around each other to lessen social isolation within communities.

Make the difference. If you have an interest in supporting the lives of people with learning disabilities and autistic people, we would love you to be a regular sponsor or friend. We thank everyone who is already doing this and all of our funders who contribute to running our brilliant organisation.