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Making feedback, concerns and complaints easier

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Ask, Listen, Do

People with a learning disability, autism or both can find it harder than other people to give feedback, raise a concern or make a complaint. It is your right to be able to do this though. It can help to improve the care and support you and other people get.


Services you use should help to make it easier for you too.


Ask Listen Do is about any of the services or support you get from health care, social care or education.


Our self-advocates, together with other self-advocates, have written some free resources. Some of the resources are for people with a learning disability. The other ones are for autistic people.


We hope you find them useful..

1. Easy read information


This booklet tells you more about feedback, concerns and complaints. It has lots of useful tips to help you do any of these things. It also contains a form you can fill in if you want to give feedback, raise a concern or make a complaint.


The booklet and form are easy read with Photosymbols. They were written for people with a learning disability, or a learning disability and autism.

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2. If you are autistic

This is a different booklet with useful advice and information about feedback, concerns and complaints from autistic people. It also has a separate form you can use for reporting your feedback, concerns or complaints.

3. For all – Ask Listen Do film

This film was made with autistic people, people with a learning disability and family carers. It is about people’s experiences and what helped

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