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Alcohol Film and Workbook

Donate and use
A Donation is welcome and helps us to keep going and producing more resources.
£2 for individual use, £10 for small groups, £50 for large organisations.
If you are using this for training then a donation of £50 - £100 would be appreciated.


Speakup self advocates worked with Drink Aware to make a film that supports people to understand the effects of alcohol. Lots of us like to have a drink, but if we drink too much, it can be bad for our bodies and also mean that we are putting ourselves into an unsafe position. You might want to watch this film, either on your own or with friends.

You can watch the film below and use the workbooks to help you to think about how much alcohol you drink, what a unit of alcohol us and how to be safer with alcohol.

Download workbook here

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