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Abuse is bad film and workbooks

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A Donation is welcome and helps us to keep going and producing more resources.
£2 for individual use, £10 for small groups, £50 for large organisations.
If you are using this for training then a donation of £50 - £100 would be appreciated.

Abuse is bad

Nobody should be abused, abuse is BAD. Abuse is when someone does something to you that hurts you or makes you feel bad. This film shows you what abuse can mean and what you can do about it. If you have been abused or want to talk to someone about abuse, ask someone you

trust to help you ring the local safeguarding team. We are very sad that this film is still very valid today. Abuse is still happening and it needs to stop.

You can watch the film below and also download and use some of our workbooks about abuse and safeguarding below.


Download Abuse is bad Workbook (young people and adults)

Download Abuse is bad Workbook (older people)

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