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Developing services and user involvement

At Speakup, we have 30 years of experience enabling user involvement and developing world class services. We currently deliver all of these services across the borough of Rotherham and have helped other areas of the country to develop services which deliver high quality advocacy which is inclusive, person centered and accessible. We know Advocacy and we can help you too.

By working with us we can help you to:

- Develop your service to be more user led
- Help you to find the right information solution to meet the needs of you and your customers.
- Train current staff and provide inductions for new staff around disability, accessibility, information and the law.
- Make your information accessible to all.
- Help you to develop and deliver accessible surveys and questionnaires.
- Set up new advocacy projects/groups.
- Employing people with learning disabilities nand/or autism to be experts by experience

….and much more

To find out more contact team@speakup.org.uk.

Accessible Information

Speakup has been making information accessible for 30 years now. We are know throughout the country for our work and have provided accessible leaflets, films, reports and consultations for many government departments and organisations around the UK and beyond.

We are experts at making information accessible and have a team of professional writers, film producers, designers and artists who work in partnership with professional advocates with learning disabilities. From start to finish, people with learning disabilities are involved in developing accessible information to ensure it is clear and understandable as well as looking great.

We can make your information accessible to all. By using Speakup to make your information or consultation accessible you are guaranteed that not only will it look great, it will be accessible to people with learning disabilities as well as other vulnerable groups who find written information difficult. This might include older people, people with dementia, people with mental health issues and people whose first language is not English.

BUT, don’t take our work for it, read a selection of comments from past customers here.

We can also audit your current accessible information to see if it is fit for purpose and suggest how you can make sure you meet the needs of the Equality Act 2010 and the people you serve. In Rotherham we have done an extensive service check on all Supported Living Schemes across the borough called “Home from Home”. We ask people what they think of the service they get, how much choice they think they have and if the information they are provided with is clear and understandable. We then help each home to make changes which will improve things for the people living there. This has been a great success and is making real differences to the lives of disabled people.

To find out more and to get a quote you can contact us on 0303 123 7013 or email sally@speakup.org.uk.


Speakup offers high quality and affordable training that is practical and tailored to meet your organisations needs. Our training courses can be delivered in your workplace or at our training centre and are delivered by experts in the field of learning disability and/or autism.

We can offer training on the subjects of:

Mental Capacity
Person Centred Planning
Confidence Building
Communication skills with customers with learning disabilities and/or autism
Making information accessible

Decisions Decisions: Speakup has trained many social work students on how to apply the Mental Capacity Act to social work practice. The training is highly recommended and is accessible to all and it’s also delivered by our self advocates.

At a recent training session delivered by people with Autism at Speakup A total of 92 people attended, from various disciplines including GP’s, Nurses, Consultants, Theatres, Ophthalmology, GUM, Falls and Fractures and the Stroke Unit. Comments from this training which was delivered at our training centre in Rotherham included:

“The best training I have ever attended”, “Very interesting and unique and delivered by adults with a diagnosis, very insightful”, “Nice to have a training session delivered by service users. Makes it more enjoyable than just being delivered by staff”, “Training was well delivered and professional, the session by people with autism made it real”.

By commissioning Speakup your organisation is also Safeguarding the employment of people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

To see more about the services we provide you can visit the Work we do page.

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