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People with learning disabilities and/or autism volunteer at Speakup – they are our Champions.

They volunteer for all our projects and at the same time they learn new skills in work based environments.

At the moment 64 people with learning disabilities and/or autism are volunteering across the Charity. They are learning how to :

- Become good citizens within their local community
- Be independent through skills like money management, energy saving, tenancies
- Become good leaders and representatives
- Use computers and other office equipment
- Look after their own health
- Be more confident
- Be ready for work through having routines and developing the work ethic

We always have opportunities for more volunteers, at the moment we desperately need volunteers with skills in:

- Marketing
- Journalism

If you think you can help our Charity in these ways or in any other way, get in touch.

You can get in touch by filling in the form below with a short message, don’t forget to leave a phone number or email address!

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