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Urgent Appeal

Speakup is doing a Charity walk this week to help raise money for our Employment. T0 find out more, see below.

People with learning disabilities and/or autism are often forgotten about or discriminated against when searching for work. Employment statistics are also shocking, showing that the rate of employment for people with learning disabilities has fallen to an all time low of just 6%; and only 16% of people with autism have a paid job.

At Speakup, we employ 10 people with learning disabilities and/or autism. We also have a further 20 people with learning disabilities/autism on structured work placements, but we cannot continue to do this without your help. We are only a small charity and are not in receipt of large charitable donations or bequests.

If you would like to support Speakup, or if you are involved with a company that would consider sponsoring us:

1. You can donate easily right now using Paypal – just click here.
2. Companies can sponsor Speakup by emailing sponsor@speakup.org.uk.
3. Regular donations can be set up easily by emailing donate@speakup.org.uk.

Our aim is to become more sustainable over the coming years and we feel we can do this with your help!

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