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Accessible Information

Speakup are experts in making information accessible!
Speakup works in partnership with two social enterprises The Friendly Resource Company and the Friendly Information Company to do this. Do you need your information to be made accessible to people with disabilities? We can help you. Commission Speakup to make your information accessible in print, on film and using Makaton or British Sign Language. We have years of experience and would love to chat to you about your needs. For more information contact Geoff@speakup.org.uk.

All of the information we create is done so in partnership with people with learning disabilities and/or autism, this means that our information is clear and accessible to all.

Easy Read
Good accessible information helps all of us make decisions, be involved in society and lead independent lives. If your looking for an organisation to create an easy read document we are the people for you! We have created easy read documents for the Ministry of Justice, The Department of Health, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Department for Education.

Alternatively you could hire us to run focus groups with people with learning disabilities and/or autism to get their expert feedback on your information to make sure it is truly accessible. Please contact Sally@Speakup.org.uk for more information.

Film Production
Speakup has the only professional information film production team involving people with learning disabilities from the start. We have made many films about life skills, health, social skills, employment, independent living and much more.

Whatever your message is, we can help you say it to people with learning disabilities.

We have produced many toolkits and together with over 60 DVDs to enable people to make informed choices. This has included the production of Interactive CD-roms, flash based web films, video hosting and You Tube film clip production. We have the necessary skills and equipment to produce and format film clips to very high standards, all in house. We can help you get your message across. Please contact Geoff@speakup.org.uk for more information.

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