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Money Management

Santander Money Management update

Santander gave Speakup a grant to help people understand money management. It was a great achievement with over 100 people with learning disabilities finding out about how to separate money into different pockets using the old fashioned method of the ‘grannies purse’.

People learnt about some aspects of banking such as how to use direct debits and standing orders to pay bills. We developed some fantastic resources to help people understand banking and you can download these from the link below. The learners also began to develop a money management game for the organisation to help them think how to manage their money. The learners actually played this with a Santander manager as well.

The project was a brilliant success, with people taking part from Barnsley, Sheffield and Rotherham. Thank you Santander.

This project is a fantastic beginning and has led people at Speakup to think about money a lot more. We have realised that there is still lots and lots of work to be done. This is because sometimes people are not very familiar with the change in their pockets or the need to budget for things that they would like to do in their lives.

Download the resource

Because of this, Speakup is seeking additional funding for help to look at budgets in a more person centred way and also for help people who are struggling to understand the coins in their pockets. We think this will compliment Barclays’ schools initiative ‘Money Matters’. We are hoping that now both these organisations will support this much needed ongoing work in the future.

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