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Why do I need to budget?

‘Why do I need to Budget’ is a FANTASTIC training course and DVD delivered by and for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. People learn the skills they need to budget themselves and understand why you need to budget. We are working with another advocacy organisation to deliver exciting resources and to skill ‘Budgeting Champions’ to support vulnerable people to manage their money and debts. People do this by thinking through with the person and making a realistic budget to suit that person’s life, work, hobbies and interests. The DVD explains what sort of things you need to budget for and how you can do this easily and maybe have some money left over to pay for fun things.

People with learning disabilities need to be given the chance to learn the skills to budget efficiently and gain a greater understanding of budgeting to live their lives well. The training starts with a thinking session about the persons life and work looking at the types of things the person is paying for. People then work on a Budget which will work for them and enable them to live an active life and save money for the things they really want.

Having control of your life and the money you get from working, personal budgets and benefits is important. Having control of your money helps you to save for the things you really want and will mean you have control of your money day to day. Budgeting your life will also link well with your Person Centred Plan as you can budget for the goals and dreams you have set.

Some of the Budgeting Champions have made short stories about their own budgets. Click on the buttons below to download these stories.

Download David’s Budgeting StoryDownload Jodie’s Budgeting Story

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