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Save It!

‘Save It’ is a project to continue the work of the hugely successful ‘I’m an Expert Energy Saver’.

The work we are doing will help people with learning disabilities, mental health problems, physical disabilities, autism and people ‘at risk’ to learn how to save energy in the home.

UPDATE: With winter nearly here, saving money on your energy is something we all need to think about even more. This month we are asking people if they have checked their tariff. Are you on the cheapest one? To find out more about how to do this you can download our Easyread Tariff Checker here.
We have made a short film about tariff checking as well!

If you need help to do this then ask someone you trust.

Watch the film below – it will give you some good ideas about saving energy.

save it logo

We are supporting people with learning disabilities to understand not only things such as using energy saving light bulbs, but also about draught proofing, insulation, beating the cold by wearing energy efficient clothing and keeping healthy in cold weather.

There are also lots of organisations and grants which can help you to make your home more energy efficient.

What we have done:

1) We have developed easy read materials to help people with learning disabilities understand energy efficiencies and stay out of the energy poverty trap. Click here to download The Energy Saving Leaflet or Energy Saving Top Tips

2) Speakup has produced a fantastic DVD showing how someone with a learning disability living in their own home or with friends can save energy. Watch the DVD online now – see top of page.

3) 12 expert trainers with learning disabilities have become energy champions and have gone out and about checking that grants for energy efficiencies have been applied for, to keep people out of energy poverty and offering advice and explaining how to save energy by such things as insulation, switching things off and recycling.

Energy poverty is a big problem for people with learning disabilities. This grant is really making a difference.

With grateful thanks to the Scottish Power Energy People Trust Speakup is supporting people with learning disabilities who live alone or with groups of friends to be energy efficient and not in energy poverty.

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