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Personal Health Budgets

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Speakup has been working with the NHS to promote Personal Health Budgets.

What is a Personal Health Budget?

It is money you get to pay for your healthcare. At the centre is your care plan, this helps you decide how you want your healthcare to be managed with your local NHS team.

You agree with the NHS team the best way to spend your money. This could be with your doctor or care manager. Having a personal health budget means you know how much money there is for your healthcare. It also means you have more of a say about your healthcare.

The money you get must be spent on things in your care plan that keep you healthy and safe. The local NHS have to agree that these things are helping your health.

If you want to change things with your healthcare then you can if you want to.

We have worked with groups of people with learning disabilities and/or autism to produce some Easyread information about Personal Health Budgets. You can download them for free here:

Personal Health Budget Easyread Workbook

Personal Health Budget Easyread Leaflet

What to do next

Not everyone will be able to have a Personal Health Budget, you will need to ask first and then talk to someone about your health and what support you might need.

To find out more you can contact one of the Personal Health Budget teams in your area. If you live in the Yorkshire and Humberside area, you can phone 01302 566352 or email wysbcsu.phb@nhs.net.

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