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Safety Circles Update

November 25, 2015 by Geoff in Uncategorized with 0 responses

We are start our work to support people being safe by focusing on bike safety and when out walking during the darker, winter months.

Speakup’s two year project will create online films, Easyread books and training to help people with learning disabilities and autism be safer when out and about, including on the bus, train, tram and in a taxi.

It’s all part of a project funded through South Yorkshire Fire Authority’s Safer Stronger Communities Reserve fund. The funding, now in its second year, is the only fire service backed grant scheme of its kind anywhere in the country.

Speakup has been working with Government departments and national organisations for 28 years to develop information and training, which is suitable for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

Speakup’s Geoff Doncaster, said: “People with learning disabilities and autism often miss out on road safety information as they struggle with printed text and find it hard to understand the other information which we all take for granted. It is hoped that by making accessible information on film and through Easyread books, people can be safer when out and about.”

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s Lesley Hayhurst, said: “There’s a definite gap currently in the quality of information public services offer to people with autism and learning difficulties. By working with an organisation which specializes in delivering education and information to these vulnerable groups, this project gives us a real opportunity to change that, particularly in regards to road safety.”

The films and resources are available to find here.

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